Monday, 10 February 2014

Which Acid?

Today, we used the Scientific Method to answer this question: Which lab acid is the most dangerous?

We did some research and most groups decided came up with the hypothesis that sulfuric acid would be the most dangerous.

Then we designed a simple experiment to test this hypothesis:

  1. Add each acid to separate test tubes (half-filled)
  2. Simultaneously, add a piece of marble to each test tube; ensure each piece is about the same size.
  3. See which one reacts completely first.
  4. Compare your results with other groups.

Our results do not match our hypothesis! Hydrochloric acid reacted the fastest, followed by nitric acid, while sulfuric acid did almost nothing.

The next step in the Scientific Method would be to do more research and more testing, but we ran out of time. I wonder why our results were so unexpected?

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